We are a 360° consulting service

We are a boutique 360° life science consultancy focusing on customized deliverables based on client perspectives, needs and capacities. We offer our services to a wide range of clients including:

  • small and medium-sized biotech, pharma and diagnostic companies

  • venture firms

  • individuals and family-offices

  • institutional investors

  • foundations

  • universities and tech transfer units

Consulting activities

Based on insights from the entire life science value chain

Life science companies, organizations, boards and investors are facing challenges and opportunities that require expert knowledge, objective perspectives and innovative thinking. The wide range of disciplines, fluctuating workloads, accelerated timelines and complex dynamics characterizing the life science sector calls for scalable, timely and value-adding solutions.

Interim support

Senior and acting C-level roles

There are times when an organization requires specific and often immediate expertise that isn’t readily available in-house. It could be in relation to a project of critical importance, to address urgent needs, or to temporarily fulfill a senior leadership role during a time of transition. Or maybe a company needs a flexible and cost-effective solution without the long-term commitment associated with permanent hires, e.g. in times of uncertainty and change.

Corporate governance & advisory boards

Independent member & observer roles, bringing in new and unbiased perspectives

There is an unfilled and often neglected need for independent board members in life science companies to bring diverse perspectives, impartial oversight and industry wisdom to the companies’ governance structure. Company owners may also want to have representatives in the board who can observe, facilitate and influence board activities and decisions without voting power or fiduciary duties.